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Clients & Kind Words

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Here's what clients are saying about Chef Anne! 

“I simply cannot say enough positive things about working with Chef Anne.  She is not only a tremendously talented chef, she is also a delight to work with.

Over the four years we have worked with Chef Anne, she has covered our every catering need – ranging from an open-air brunch for 40, more intimate and formal dinner parties, very large cocktail buffet receptions, as well as small, casual dinners for our closest friends. Across these very different challenges, Anne managed every aspect of the event with ease and most importantly, tremendous creativity and culinary mastery. 

Chef Anne’s cooking is truly inspired and always changing - but always first-and-foremost delicious! Anne’s secret weapon is that she always creates truly spectacular dishes that are both flavor-rich and satisfying, but also incredibly fresh and healthy. I have never seen anyone, for example, serve a five-course meal – to oohs and aahs and rave reviews from all – that only after it was over, did I realize that there wasn’t a simple carb in the mix! After every meal, we left the table feeling unbelievably satisfied and indulged, without any guilt or regrets. I have not found another chef who can match Anne on this front.”  ~~ Carrie VanRoekel

“As a personal assistant, collaborating with Chef Anne on behalf of my client was always effortless. Whether it was a large dinner party, an intimate gathering, or preparing healthy meals in the home, Anne was always in tune to my clients' taste preferences and entertaining needs. I highly recommend Anne!” ~~ E. Orns

“Aside from her culinary talents, Anne brings good energy into the home, and is always smiling. She aims to create meals to please the whole family. I would highly recommend Chef Anne to any busy family that has the desire to eat healthier wholesome meals and spend more time together!” ~~ Rebecca Diaz-Bonilla

“I can't recommend Chef Anne highly enough. Anne’s cooking was always innovative, beautifully presented, and delicious – a perfect trifecta.  She can do anything.  My husband and I do a great deal of social and business entertaining. She's handled sit down dinners for 6 and for 30.  Cocktail parties for 75. A baseball-themed book party for 50. And when my husband was laid up after surgery, she produced several weeks' of menus just for us two.  Vegetarian, vegan, hates vegetables -- she can handle them all. With Chef Anne, I was always at ease knowing the food and service would be perfect, allowing me to relax and entertain our guests. One huge thing less to worry about.

Chef Anne is the definition of a professional. Business dinners hosted at our home always went off without a hitch and our guests always left impressed.  She was always there when she said she would be there. She always did what she said she would do. Setting aside her culinary talents and creativity, what I enjoyed most about working with Chef Anne is that she’s approachable, accommodating, gracious and kind.  She is just an all-around lovely person. I'm sorry she left the East Coast. If she were here, I'd have her booked all month. “ ~~ Amanda Bennett

“I love her shrimp and I love her steak. She even got me to love jicama!” ~~ Gray Madan, age 6

“Every time we go to a restaurant we test food to see if it's better than Chef Anne's. It never is!” ~~ Norah Madan, age 9