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Personal Chef Services

Personal Chef Services 

Nutritional Consulting – Customized Menu – Healthy Family Meals

Too busy to cook? 

In need of delicious and nutritious meals but just don’t have the time?  Having a personal chef allows you to eat meals tailored to your specific lifestyle and preferences. Chef Anne will work with you to plan personalized weekly menus. Then she will cook and stock your refrigerator with tasty and nutritionally balanced meals.

A single private chef session includes:

  • a custom menu emailed for approval prior to the session

  • shopping for fresh ingredients (local and organic when available)

  • full day of cooking, storing and labeling of meals

 Sessions start at $350 + cost of ingredients

How It Works 

During a preliminary consultation that takes place in your home, Chef Anne will discuss your dietary goals and taste preferences. She will also take a look at your kitchen and assess her cooking equipment needs. You and the chef will then decide the amount of servings and serving sizes that work best for your household.

Then, based on your weekly needs, Chef Anne will shop for all your groceries and cook in your home up to a week’s worth of meals. Each meal is labeled with reheating instructions and placed in your fridge. Afterwards, your kitchen will be cleaned as though the chef was never there.

Come on, get healthy!

Chef Anne specializes in a variety of restricted and dietary needs; including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, paleo and ketogenic cooking. Try the chef's “Real Food” Eating Plan: a diet that focuses on produce and plant-based proteins with minimal use of fats, sugars or salt and the occasional use of meats and dairy.

Prices vary depending on your needs, but you can expect to pay between $350-$400/session for 5-7 dishes (with sauces and accompaniments) of 2-6 portions each plus the cost of groceries. We have a minimum base fee of $350 for every cooking date. 

As every client’s needs are different, so are our menu offerings. Please contact Chef Anne at anne@chefanne-SF.com to further discuss your new meal plan...and healthy lifestyle!